The PC, Mac and Linux ads Spoof by Novell

Remember the Mac advertisement about PC and Mac from Apple? Here’s a spoof video made by Novell that adds Linux to the scene.

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PC,Mac and Linux

Download the high quality video from : Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit?

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RFC 2324: Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol

Wonder how I missed this this peculiar RFC, RFC 2324 : Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol. It was brought out by Toydi a while ago when we were having discussion about REST implementation.

The RFC provides specification for a protocol based on HTTP, which can be use to send signal to a coffee maker appliance which can help people make coffee.

Clearly this is intended as a joke, but it is a well-written RFC which has all the details necessary to build HTCP-compliant coffee maker.

and according to this wikipedia entry, is indeed has been implemented on Emacs and Mozilla browser (through 3rd party patches).

Other Humorous RFC ?
HTCPCP is an example of a well written RFC which is intended as an April Fool’s joke, but it is not the only one produced, please refer here : for a list of RFC written specifically for April Fool’s day.

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The $100 Laptop, OLPC is available for public to buy

Latest news from BBC that I read, It seems OLPC (one-laptop per child) XO laptop will be available to the general public to purchase after 2008.


This was confirmed by the chairman of OLPC group (Nicholas Negroponte) that they have considered commercial schemes to distribute XO Laptops around the world. It isn’t clear yet how much does an OLPC cost to the general public, but they are considering a “buy 2 get 1” scheme, perhaps as a source of donating or funding the project.

Personally, I’m eager to test one of the machine out myself, I envy ditesh and jayakumar because they had the chance to try out the machine in person. :p

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Test Drive OLPC Operating system

If you remember back a while ago I wrote about One Laptop Per Child project that aim to produce laptop at a cost of USD100.

The project has been progressing positively since I wrot e about them on my blog. Several prototype has been made and now OLPC association has received its very first B1 laptop machine.

Additionally, OLPC has released XO Laptop operating system images for testing on your machine, the images are specially tuned for emulators can be downloaded from Here’s some screenshot of the OLPC operating system running on my PC (under VMWare) :

grub olpc

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tremulous – addictive open source FPS game

These past few days I’ve been hooked up playing Tremulous, an open source First Person Shooter (FPS) game. The objective of the game is to protect your team’s base and eliminate the enemy base. You can choose one of the two sides, either as member of human team or as an alien species.


Each side has it own unique abilities; the humans have long-range weaponry and the aliens have powerful melee attack and high body hitpoints The game uses GNU/GPL Quake III engine and only requires modest 3D hardware acceleration.

Tremulous is indeed a fun and addictive game, those who want play tremulous with me can look me up in Tremulous Basic Server #1 through #3 (low pings for me).

Download tremulous at : available for Windows and GNU/Linux operating system

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