DOSBox: How to play DOS games in Ubuntu Linux

This post will show you how to play old DOS games using DOSBox emulator under GNU/Linux operating system. This post assumes that you’re:

  • Familiar with DOS and Linux command shell
  • Have a DOS game on-hand to test the emulator
  • Already installed DOSBox in Linux Operating system

First unzip/copy the DOS game in a suitable directory (preferable your home directory),

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Dell going to offer Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Computers

Dell has decided to offer Ubuntu on its Linux computer products. This means the consumers now has the option of buying Linux computers instead of the one pre-installed with Windows OEM. It is implied that Dell will offer Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) as an option on e-series high-performance Desktop computers and e-series Inspiron laptop.

According to the BBC news website, Dell is going to work closely with Ubuntu team to ensure its hardwares are 100% compatible with Ubuntu Linux operating system. This is advantageous to consumers as they are ensured that their computers are fully supported under Linux operating system without any problem.


Buying Linux pre-installed computer has the advantage of lower cost compared to proprietary operating system like Windows. The operating system is much more customizable and in case of Ubuntu – you’re guaranteed to receive software updates and upgrades without any additional cost.

– I’m waiting for Dell to offer its Ubuntu Linux Computers for Malaysian Market

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GNUbuntu ? Ubuntu plans a completely free variant of its distro

The Ubuntu project is planning to release a new variant of its distribution which would appeal ‘Free Software’ purist which want no more than a 100% completely free operating system that works out from the box.

This intention has be made known by Mark Shuttleworth himself in the Ubuntu mailing list few days ago (12 April 2007).

However the unnamed release is not intended to be a ‘variant’ of the main Ubuntu release, putting it inline with the Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu project.

The new variant of the distro will only feature software which only come with source code and that have full rights of modification and redistribution. Mark Shuttleworth also notes that works on the new variant will involve the folks from gNewsense team, an unofficial distro based on Ubuntu, which puts a possibility that the gNewsense distro will be completely integrated into the Official Ubuntu project.

The variant is estimated to be ready on the next cycle of Ubuntu release (Gutsy Gibbon) due on
October 2007. It unclear if the new Ubuntu variant will support playing mp3 or mpeg4 files as codecs for both for format are licensed under a GNU GPL compatible free software license despite their patented status.

p/s: If this plan works, I think you might be seeing FSF (or even Stallman) himself use Ubuntu on their computers anytime soon.

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Linux / Unix command line sex jokes

I forgot where I found this joke, but I find it funny when people use Unix command to relay jokes.

alias sex "updatedb; locate; talk; date; cd; strip; look; touch; finger; unzip; uptime; gawk; head; apt-get install condom; mount; fsck; gasp; more; yes; yes; yes; more; umount; apt-get remove --purge condom; make clean; sleep"

p/s: this is one thing I like about Unix (or Linux), the users and developers are just having way too much fun hacking the platform!

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The PC, Mac and Linux ads Spoof by Novell

Remember the Mac advertisement about PC and Mac from Apple? Here’s a spoof video made by Novell that adds Linux to the scene.

[coolplayer width=”425″ height=”350″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
PC,Mac and Linux

Download the high quality video from : Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit?

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