Google Chrome for Linux and Mac Developer release

Google Chrome for GNU / Linux and Mac has finally arrived! However it is only an early version for developers and lack features that would make it usable in production environment.

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Missing features from early release of Linux & Mac Google Chrome are :

  • Can’t view Youtube videos
  • Missing TIFF support
  • Loads of memory leaks
  • Does not have bookmark manager
  • No Java plugin support
  • No printing
  • Problem with rendering certain websites
  • Occasional crashes and freeze up
  • and many more…

So if you are just an average user, do not download this release just yet! Instead, wait for a few months for a much more (?) BETA release to be available.

The developer channel release was made in order to elicit responses and bug reports from users to prepare for a more stable BETA release.

[Google’s original announcement]

2 Replies to “Google Chrome for Linux and Mac Developer release”

  1. Crash like hell on my machine… Both Mac and Linux version. Better stick with Firefox for a while until Google release it…

  2. Frankly speaking the software is sucks need to add more plugins adds on . Stick to Firefox . If you are adventures used Opera or Safari. Test Safari with user notebook slowwwwwwwwwww like tortise.

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