Deluge Torrent – Another cool Linux GUI Torrent Client (supports protocol encryption)

Deluge Torrent is yet another opensource GUI torrent client available for the Linux platform. What sets it apart from others is —- it is one of few GUI clients which supports the BitTorrent protocol encryption to avoid the traffic shaping effect policy set by the ISP.

Written in python, Deluge-Torrent supports loads of feature comparable to Azureus, another popular bittorrent client use in Linux operating system.

Among the features supported by Deluge-Torrent are :

  • DHT support
  • uTorrent Peer Exchange
  • Protocol Encryption
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP
  • Proxy support
  • Support for Private Torrents
  • Torrent creator
  • RSS Broadcatcher
  • Ability to minimize to system tray
  • Network Activity Graph

The ability to access uTorrent Peer Exchange is a nice feature because Deluge can interact with thousands of utorrent users across the worlds and exchanging peer information effectively with them.




Resource-wise, Deluge-Torrent is more friendly in processor and memory consumptions compared to Azureus. Its clean and simple user interface makes it the easiest GUI Bittorrent client to use in Linux platform that supports protocol encryption.

Deluge-Torrent can be downloaded from its official website –, Ubuntu users can obtain Deluge-Torrent from the unofficial Ubuntu One-Click Installation portal –


11 Replies to “Deluge Torrent – Another cool Linux GUI Torrent Client (supports protocol encryption)”

  1. i think what makes Deluge trully different from most existing torrent clients out there is its unique protocal encryption that allows you to encrypt entire data stream rather than just encrypting the packet header like implemented in utorrent, bitcomet and etc no wonder deluge can hardly get throttled(so far) but i bet this wont stay long before those b@st@rds at tmnut find a way to mercilessly throttle Deluge connections..sad lah

  2. On the first screenshot you need to blur a bit more from the Torrent Info section.

    Deluge supports encryption in the data transfers by default, which should bypass typical traffic shaping.

  3. Owh love this client. Somehow can achieved a very decent speed on my 512 Screamyx package. 60~70kB/s is decent enough for me considering my package. Fully recommended.

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