Ubuntu Feisty Fawn with Beryl 3D Effect

Here’s a video from Youtube demonstrating Feisty Fawn with Beryl

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Feisty Fawn Beryl

Refer to this guide on Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop with With An ATI Radeon Graphic Card

btw, a friend who was just using Linux at his workplace has asked me how much does it cost to buy the latest Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn). Seems there are people who still thinks Ubuntu costs as much as other proprietary Linux distro like Linspire.

He was even shocked when I told him that he an request as many as 10 Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn) CD for free from Ubuntu – Shipit. I told him to give Ubuntu a try by downloading the ISO, though I haven’t heard anything from him yet for a week..

So, lesson learned : There are GNU/Linux users who don’t know that those eye-popping Beryl effects is available for free.

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  1. I have installed ubuntu but I dont even try beryl yet because my graphic card is broken. Beryl effect is better than vista aero.. That for sure..

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