LBRC – Control Linux PC with Bluetooth Device

I’ve got this link (LBRC) from TuxMobil. LBRC is a set of application which enables a Linux computer to be controlled from a mobile device using Bluetooth technology.

LBRC consists of two part, client and server. The server part uses dbus and python and the client part uses JavaME application on JSR-82 (Bluetooth) capable mobile devices.

My Thoughts about it ?
I’ve a bluetooth receiver I bought for RM15 from, I’ve a bluetooth capable phone, I can cook out a mobile phone application that can utilize bluetooth transceiver either in JavaME or Python.

A tempting thought, may be i’ll try out this stunt once I’ve *much* more time


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  1. Hi, I got nokia phone 6131 with bluetooth enable..
    So, can this nokia be use to control my PC? I’m using Ubuntu…

    One of my senior already did it but I do not know how..If he’s not around his computer within specific distance, the pc automatically log off..

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