My girlfriend wants to work in Dubai !

I don’t know what got into her, but it’s seems almost like her life long dream to work overseas, especially in Dubai.

She often mentions that how exciting it is if she were to work over there, with a fat salary, a new and foreign environment, and a chance to visit the word’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall! And I know first hand that she loves to spend her time shopping!

However she did give up some thought on where she would live if she’s going to work in Dubai. I was concern about that too. So I did some check up on properties in Dubai, to see what kind of apartment or place that I could get her. I prefer to get her something that is nice, located in a safe neighborhood, and easily reachable.

After hours of searching the internet, I finally came across Dubai Marina properties, a website that lets you find real estate properties in Dubai. It is easy to use, and it has a lot of property to choose from.

Personally, I’ve browsed few apartments that suited my budget using the system, and I find it very interesting. I haven’t told her yet about this website and I guess you’re the one who are first to know about Dubai Marina properties.

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20 Replies to “My girlfriend wants to work in Dubai !”

  1. This is true fact once any one worked in Dubai then it is hard to left due to its weather, weekends events, foods, and specially shopping choice where you can buy from 2 to up to your height of your pocket….

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  3. i too want to work in dubai coz my husband also works there and i m rotting here in goa being a graduate

  4. helo dear..may i know the living standard in dubai..can anyone explain.. and is it ok if i rent an apartment worth 2,500uae..

  5. You can both try what i did. i added my resume on and recruiters and employers contacted me with jobs that matched my skills.

    Don’t pay recruiters to find you a job in Dubai.

  6. hello
    i am miss elmira salari.
    i have skills card (icdl), network+ ,a+ diploma from comptia in iran from pasargad institue in mashhad-iran.
    i’m teaching icdl and computer diploma in pasargad instiue and some of orgonaistion for examp bank and army.
    i’m lerning about windows vista and office 2007.
    i’m studing in university (paiam nour university) in staticties licence in mashhad( i have 3 term for finish study in university).
    and i studied aboat photoshape and 3d-max.
    i want joping & living in dobai. what i should doing for this goal.?

  7. Well, all my friends there had their housing rent, water, electricity bills taken care off.
    Internet access is expensive also.
    If your GF gets fat salary like >30K dirhams plus housing bills paid for, it will be good to work there. You can save a lot too.

  8. i don’t know, i dont personally like the idea too if i were to work there.

    But it seems that many malaysians seems to have fat salary while working there, i think i’m gonna ask around those who worked there, and advise my gf accordingly

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