HP Officejet 5680 – How to Send Fax from Ubuntu Linux Computer

This serves as a continuity from my previous post, I got myself a new and flexible Printer – HP Officejet 5680 All in One.

HP Officejet All-in-One Under Ubuntu
Its all seems rather easy at the way I left off, the printer is fully functioning by just plugging it to my Ubuntu pc, the scanner works well without I having to do anything special, the phone is fully functioning (yeah it is included with the printer) and I am able to send and receive fax without a hitch, something that I cant do without installing 350MB of companion application (half of it was crapware) under WIndows Vista.

Everything worked, what left to do?
What left to do is figuring out how can I send fax directly from Ubuntu (or other Linux base operating system) using only digital files (*.txt, *.pdf, *.ps, *.jpeg), so I don’t have to print those files and fax them one by one anymore.

HP Linux Imaging and Printing project
Through googling, I found that Hewlett Packard (HP) has published open source software tool to deal with their printers. Free and Open Source drivers and printer-specific application directly from manufacturer, which is very cool!

Fortunately Ubuntu already installed HPLIP tools by default with CUPS in my machine. The next step that I should take is to run ‘hp-setup’ as root to configure my printer port and run the ‘hp-sendfax’ application to send the faxes.

Both of these tool requires python-qt3 package which is available from Ubuntu software repository.

Now I can fax my pdf documents directly without having to print them first, a huge saving over ink and paper cost.



If you are planning to get a new printer, then I would suggest you get a HP printer. Not only because HP printers are reliable, but they also comes with Free and Open Source drivers and applications for the Linux based operating system. Well that’s a good reason to get HP printers.

Please visit HPLIP project website for more information about HP printers support under Linux based operating system.

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PPP is the easiest way to make money by blogging

Recently PayPerPost has introduced a new segmentation system to improve their services for bloggers and advertisers alike.

I’ve to admit at first I was scared and skeptical of this move because It sounds as if I will be sidelined by the move that PPP made and loose out all the beefy opportunities to old timers. I don’t put much hope of earning through PPP after the new scheme.

I was wrong.

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What’s in for advertisers?
The new segmentation system benefit advertisers too :) as they can decide who should be able to take their opportunities by fine-tuning their requirements.

The cost of posting opps in PPP is attractive to advertisers where PPP only charges 35% service fees compared to ReviewMe which charges 100% markup, the low service fee means that you can use the rest of the money to fund your blog marketing buzz campaign.

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My girlfriend wants to work in Dubai !

I don’t know what got into her, but it’s seems almost like her life long dream to work overseas, especially in Dubai.

She often mentions that how exciting it is if she were to work over there, with a fat salary, a new and foreign environment, and a chance to visit the word’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall! And I know first hand that she loves to spend her time shopping!

However she did give up some thought on where she would live if she’s going to work in Dubai. I was concern about that too. So I did some check up on properties in Dubai, to see what kind of apartment or place that I could get her. I prefer to get her something that is nice, located in a safe neighborhood, and easily reachable.

After hours of searching the internet, I finally came across Dubai Marina properties, a website that lets you find real estate properties in Dubai. It is easy to use, and it has a lot of property to choose from.

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Looking for A Dream House in Arizona ?

A couple of months ago I’ve posted an advertisement about a double storey house for rent in Kedah . I receive quite a few feedbacks from my contact page about the houses.

One of them even ask me where to get a similar house in United States. While this is not suprising since the majority of my readers are from United States, I still can’t help but wonder where I could find the best place for buying real-estates in US.

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Secure your computer from viruses and other threats

GNU/Linux users are blessed with a system that is not vulnerable to virus threats present in Windows operating system. This is because computer viruses can disrupt your computing experience by affecting your computer speed and performance.

Some computer viruses present more threats than others, these viruses target your document files and infect them, spreading to other system in the process. The virus may destroy your document files afterwards by making them unusable for later usage.

Users of Windows operating system might need extra protection by investing in installing anti-virus software to better protect their files from the threats of malicious programs and viruses. For those who wants to be better protected, can get Norton 2007 download on the internet.

You might also want to shield your computer by installing Personal Firewall from unintended network access that might compromise your system. Computers that is not protected by firewalls are vulnerable to network attacks and exploitations.

Modern personal firewall has customizable feature that can allow users to select a list of applications that are allowed to access the internet. A rule of thumb, do not allow any application to access internet unless necessary (like Windows Media Player)

As a summary, personal computer security is not a subject to be taken lightly. You are advised to backup your data frequently and exercise caution when downloading executable programs from the internet.

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