Unofficial Click n Run Software Portal for Ubuntu

If you’re using Ubuntu then you must have been familiar with how you can easily install GNU/Linux software from one of its software repositories.
However there are times that the application that you are looking for isn’t available on repositories for various reasons or is outdated for quite some time.
Enter GetDeb, an unofficial software portal that provides additional software packages for Ubuntu Linux distributions. GetDeb compliments Ubuntu repositories by listing various software that is not available in official repo (main,multivers,universe).
What makes GetDeb different ?
For starters, you do not need to put GetDeb servers in your apt-get sources list. All you need to do is surf GetDeb website using the default Mozilla Firefox browser, and it will list software available for your current Ubuntu release.
Installing software from GetDeb is as easy as clicking your mouse button, after that the usual firefox dialog will appear and all you need to do is click ok to install the selected software package using GDebi.
GetDeb requires that you enable Ubuntu Extra Repositories as describe in Ubuntu Wiki.
Although it is not a new approach, GetDeb does provide choice for Ubuntu users to choose which software to install in their pc by merely using a web browser.

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