Test Drive OLPC Operating system

If you remember back a while ago I wrote about One Laptop Per Child project that aim to produce laptop at a cost of USD100.

The project has been progressing positively since I wrot e about them on my blog. Several prototype has been made and now OLPC association has received its very first B1 laptop machine.

Additionally, OLPC has released XO Laptop operating system images for testing on your machine, the images are specially tuned for emulators can be downloaded from http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OS_images_for_emulation. Here’s some screenshot of the OLPC operating system running on my PC (under VMWare) :

grub olpc

mypapit mozilla olpc
olpc taskbar

The operating system is based on Fedora Core 5, and the interface (called Sugar) is carefully designed for easy use and expandability. However personally I felt that the laptop user interface is not quite intuitive at first use, but I think the user-interface is simple enough to learn considering that the laptop will be distributed to children who never used a computer before.

You can download the OLPC operating system from its wiki page to test it yourself.

Here’s a photo showing the first batch of B1 Laptop running the operating system. What do you think?


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