Linux Mint 2.1 – Bea has been released

Linux Mint project has made its latest release, 2.1 ‘Bea’ available right before Christmas.

Linux Mint is a distribution based on the latest release of Ubuntu Linux with extra non-free component such as multimedia codecs (for playing real,quicktime, mp3, windows media videos and flash plugins).

The latest release includes OpenOffice 2.1 and new artwork, replacing the one taken from Ubuntu Edgy Eft.

Additionally, Linux Mint also includes mintWifi, which help users connect to wireless network for the first time without having to rely on initial internet connection (to download drivers/howto/cabextract/etc).

Who Should use Linux Mint?

Linux Mint is ideal for those who want to use an easy Linux desktop operating system that can play proprietary multimedia files out from the box (aac,mp3,real media, 3gp, quicktime) without much hassle.

The current release Linux Mint is derived from Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft and is compatible with Edgy Eft repositories.

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