Mint – Ubuntu preinstalled with mp3 codecs, flash 9 and Java plugins


Linux Mint is a variant of one of the most popular linux distro, Ubuntu with few differences. It emphasis on convenience for users to get non free softwares or softwares under patent without much hassle.

For example, out from the box Linux Mint installs allow you to :

  • Play MP3 files
  • Watch Realmedia, quicktime and encrypted dvd
  • Get Sun Java 1.5 Update 9 (and Java plugin) preinstalled
  • Surf Website with Flash 9 plugins
  • Compile application with gcc

These capabilities is also enabled in its LiveCD session.

In addition, Linux Mint enables all Ubuntu repositories including Multiverse (non-free) and Universe repo as well as other binary only 3rd party repositories. However, the presence of binary only package means that Linux Mint is only available for x86 32bit platform only.
The latest release of Linux Mint 2.0 is compatible with Ubuntu Edgy Eft which it is based upon. Linux Mint is created for the convenience of users who have hard time to part with non-free plugins or software.

You can think Linux Mint as the opposite of gNewsense which I’ve reviewed earlier which emphasis on having only 100% free software on their distribution.

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4 Replies to “Mint – Ubuntu preinstalled with mp3 codecs, flash 9 and Java plugins”

  1. EasyUbuntu is a script that can be installed in Ubuntu. EasyUbuntu can be used to download all the required codecs to play restricted media format.

    Linux Mint is a complete Ubuntu system preinstalled with mp3/realplayer/flash/java itself. If you install Linux Mint, you will get a complete Ubuntu operating system plus codecs to play restricted media format including RealMedia, Java, Flash 9 and many more

    It depends on your requirements, if you like having a ready made operating system that can play those restricted media format, then I guess Linux Mint is the right choice for you because it is convenient to use.

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