gNewSense – a completely free software distro based on Ubuntu

gNewSense is a linux distribution which derived from Ubuntu. It aims to provide users with a linux distribution that consisted of 100% free software (as in freedom) and funded by the Free Software Foundation.

Although at first glimpse, gNewSense 1.0 seems to be nothing more than Ubuntu with some cosmetic changes, it does have its differences, which are :

  • non free firmwares are removed from kernel
  • Restricted and Multiverse repository are removed
  • Universe repository are enabled by default
  • Ubuntu logos, splash screen and wallpaper are replaced
  • gcc is included in default installation
  • emacs, bsdgames, nethack and build-essential part of the default install

The gNewSense host its own repository which exactly the same as the Ubuntu repository (without the non-free software).

At the time of this writing, gNewSense 1.0 (DeltaD, which is based on Ubuntu Dapper) is only available for x86 platform.

I think gNewSense is a nice GNU/Linux distribution for those who want to run an operating system with 100% free software. The distribution itself is compatible with Ubuntu repository and you can use them inside gNewsense (though having multiverse repo would defeat the purpose of installing gNewSense itself).

One nice thing is, gNewSense include gcc in its default installation, so you can use gNewSense to substitute Ubuntu if you want to have gcc right after installation.

Like Ubuntu, the installer must be invoked from LiveCD that can be downloaded from gNewSense official website or via Bittorrent.

Hopefully the project will continue to provide us with another complete free software operating system that we can use and enjoy.
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