SQLyog – Open Source MySQL Manager GUI for Windows

I’ve been busy for the past week, but during my absent, I’ve the opportunity to test SQLyog, a powerful MySQL manangement tool from Webyog.

The application has the same functionalities as the popular web based phpMyAdmin, plus some other neat feature that usually found in enterprise level tool.

The application lets you organise the database, create indexes, views, manage stored procedures and database triggers. SQLyog also can help you to manage backup and make copies of your database across different host.

SQLyog itself is suprisingly responsive compared to similar product produced by well-known database vendor. Being developed using C++ language and using MySQL C API, the client has direct access to MySQL, which makes it run faster.

Another worth noting feature is the Migration toolkit which allows you to migrate existing database from other DBMS (i.e DB2, Oracle, MS-SQL) via ODBC interface.


SQLyog can be downloaded from its website : http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php

The source code can be obtained from Google Code project repository, via Subversion.

p/s : It would be nice to have this kinda of application on GNU/Linux platform, maybe some people would complain that it isn’t 1337, but I think people working with GNU/Linux? deserve conveniences.

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  1. hi frendz, Bikas is absolutely rite, no doubt its useful. i was able to get similar effects using sqlyog with more improved gui and also control over db’s without much disturbance like memory leaks. A good stable product. Just try all!!!

  2. Hi,

    This is bikas suman and i am a regular user of SQLyog. It is definitely an amazing tool.
    It has helped me to organize my db a lot of times. Specially the powertool is like the most useful thing i have ever seen.

    It is true that they dont have any version for linux but the windows version runs fine on wine.

    Thx Webyog for such an wonderful software

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