Technorati started to update my blog again!

If you don’t already know, my blog suffered from the “technorati mood swings”, where it states that my blog hasn’t been updated for more than 50days. It seems that I’m not the only onewho has this problem.

Until now, I don’t know what happened and what to do as technorati won’t update my blogs, though i’ve ping them each time I write new post. But last night, I was hit by a pleasant suprise, my blog was updated by technorati 7 days ago, and all my post within that 50days period is included in technorati.

God knows what happened behind the technorati engine, but I wrote this as a reference to other bloggers. Do not give up if technorati stopped updating your blog, they might just have a minor hiccups. Your blogs will be updated by them eventually.

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