Guido van Rossum – fun playing Python on S60 (pys60)

Nokia 6630 MypapitThe Python for Nokia is really exciting from the moment you download it, to the moment it runs on your phone. I know that experience first hand when I saw my Python applications was up and running on my phone! Previously I only had experience writing mobile applications in Java J2ME, but writing the same stuff in Python is a whole new experience for me. It seems that I’m not the only one having fun with Python for Nokia. Python creator Guido van Rossum, also states in a forum that he has too much fun with Nokia 6630 phone that he recently acquired.

He expressed that Nokia has done an outstanding job for porting Python to its own product line, incorporating Python library inside the phone. Additionaly, extensions also exists to handle phone’s operation like dial a call, snap a picture, send/receive SMS, Bluetooth, and Internet.

Finally, Nokia has made writing Symbian applications even easier with GUI modules that handles menu, alert, tab, canvas, event loop and other low-level event without the need of recompiling application. Python for Nokia is indeed fun. Why don’t you try it yourself now?

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