Get Mandriva Linux Inside Community Magazine !

Mandriva Linux Community has released e-magazine dedicated to Mandriva Linux latest developments news (formerly known as Mandrake Linux). The publication of the magazine marks the resurrection of the Cooker Weekly News, which was discontinued a little while ago. The community driven effort hasn’t decided on scheduled release yet, as the editor wrote “If the project succeeds and catches attention, a new issue will be released as soon as we feel that there is enough content for it”. He also states that motivations should be the prior motor for new issues, instead of deadlines.

Stuffs included in Mandriva Inside first edition includes :

  1. Inverview with Darth Barth
  2. News From the Front
  3. Community, what’s that?
  4. Focus on Pinit
  5. Cooker Mailing List Digest

For the uninitiated, Cooker is the codename for unstable/experimental branch of Mandriva Linux that is currently in development. You can download Mandriva Inside from :

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