Overworked and Unfortunate Incident

I felt feverish and a bit dizzy yesterday so I went up to a clinic, the doctor diagnosed me as a bit stressed and overworked. Yup, I was pretty swamped up all right, and he told me to get a lot of rest plus gave me some medications to help me sleep.

In addition, my hard disk got corrupted, and I lost most of my last month work. Fortunately, I’ve backup for all previous months, plus I’ve put my free software (open source) works on remote web/cvs server. So all I need is time to restore all those stuff back, and get things into motion.

But for the mean time, I need to relax, lie in the bed, and rest….

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4 Replies to “Overworked and Unfortunate Incident”

  1. 1kHz: i’m resting and reduce my online time to one-two hour per day

    k4ml: I was diagnosed with low blood pressure and overworked/stress symptoms. I was ordered to rest/sleep.

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