Funny Google Groups Malay Translations

I’ve some trouble with my php code, so I decided to search around php mailing list for some xml-rpc implementations specific solutions. Since google groups has tons of mailing list archives, I decided to start there first. After few minutes of reading for possible solutions and ideas, I decided to try out the Google Groups syndication feed, because I was curious about it.

My curiousity paid out because I finally saw Google began using ATOM 1.0 syndication format, but shortly after that, my eyes scan down the page and I read something that makes me laugh out loud! Apparently Google has taken the translation thingy too seriously by over-translating proper nouns.

Can you guess what Google mean by “makananSetan”, “RuangBawah”, “beritaGator” and “JaringanBeritaWayar” in the screenshot below? (p/s: they are all in Malay language)

I really don’t want my feed ends up to be makananSetan…

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  1. LOL!

    i think makankanSetan is a new feed reader used by those who worship satanism, and also for black metal enthusiast :D

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