I wrote this while on drugs (sleeping pills)

When you release something freely over the internet, particularly Free Software (or Open Source if you will), you usually do it in hopes that it would benefit other people who use it. I just found out that something I gave away in that same spirit was used in promoting negative sentiments and racism, something of which I did not forsee or expect.

I was in shocked for a while, but a quick chat with my online buddy makes me realised that this is not the first time that these things happens.

“as Charlie said from Numb3rs, we make tools and hope people use them responsibly, but sometimes they don’t”

“but if we stopped doing it just because of that, we’d also be losing all the good that can be done”

You can’t blame Einstein for Hiroshima, there’s so much good to be done and I won’t let anything stop me from doing things that I love to do.

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2 Replies to “I wrote this while on drugs (sleeping pills)”

  1. may i know what kind of sleeping pills you’re taking? is it prescribed to you or you bought it OTC?

    my doctor has been giving me these tiny green pills, somehow it doesn’t have any effect on me.

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