sphpblog – php blog scripts with text storage

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One of my friends is using sphpblog as his blogging platform which makes me curious to try it out myself.

Simple PHP Blog script is a simple blog application which only uses text files as its data storage. This in turn makes it one of the simplest php blog script to install, you just need to unpack it and you’re done (well you need to change some write permission).

sphpblog packs the most features for its size. It has (among others) :

  • Comments
  • Trackbacks
  • Post Category
  • Syndication feed (RSS 2.0, RSS 1.0, ATOM 0.3
  • Search feature
  • Article Rating
  • Article views counter
  • Contact Me page
  • Build in blog stats
  • Archives Calendar
  • and many more…!

sphpblog certainly has more than I could expect from a blogging platform, it’s simple requirements of using PHP version > 4.3.x (it supports PHP5 too) and a couple of write permissions makes it easy to install.

Finally, sphpblog is available for download here, under the terms of GNU General Public License version 2.0