RSS 2.0 / Atom 1.0 for Coppermine 1.3.x plugin

Coppermine 1.3.x Plugin RSS 2.0

I’ve made some improvements over my previous Coppermine plugin.

I’ve added Atom 1.0 support and picture caption to the published feed. I’ve also altered the default feed to publish the latest 10 photos instead of 6.

Well, glad to have a plugin that can publish both RSS and Atom feed in Coppermine 1.3.x

old Download links :

  1. zip package
  2. tar.gz package

Download Coppermine RSS/ATOM plugin here:

  1. Mirror #1
  2. Mirror #2
  3. Mirror #3

*Note that this plugin worked under Coppermine 1.4.x also, but it is untested with PHP 5.x.

17 Replies to “RSS 2.0 / Atom 1.0 for Coppermine 1.3.x plugin”

  1. My partner and i d like this Feed to look onward to have enjoyment from looking at ones problem enjoy you haven’t the internet online marketers sights and that i lmost all only one top rated site

  2. Thanks for the plugin, as said by Colin, I also would need the possibility to feed all the images and not just the x most recent. Should be good to enter an album and view the album’s images using piclens…

    Is that possible?

  3. Hi the vanilla Xfeed is great and I have used it on my site. It allows PicLens to view the images as well which is great IMHO. Not being very up on PHP is there a way to feed all the images from the gallery rather than just the ‘x’ most recent?

    Thanks for a great plugin

  4. Thanks for making this wonderful RSS/ATOM script, had to make some tweaking to make this do what I need.

    here are the following parameters that you can pass to the url:.
    l: limit query results to specified number
    k: search pictures with specified keywords
    a: display results from specified album only, use album IDs which are located on the front page of gallery …
    s: sort displayed results, available options are: rating, title, hits, rand

    here is an example: xfeed.php?s=rand&a=5&k=cars
    this will display random images that match kekyword “cars” from album #5

    in ver. 2.1
    remove line 121 and place the following code:

    // limit query results

    $upperlimit = mysql_real_escape_string((isset($_REQUEST[‘l’]) ) ? intval($_REQUEST[‘l’]) : 10);

    // search with keywords

    if(isset($_REQUEST[‘k’])){$search_keyword = “keywords like ‘%”.mysql_real_escape_string($_REQUEST[‘k’]).”%'”; $wheretmp=”WHERE”; $andtmp=”AND”;} else {$search_keyword=””; $andtmp=””;}

    // search with album ID “aid”

    if(isset($_REQUEST[‘a’])){$search_album = $andtmp.” aid=”.mysql_real_escape_string($_REQUEST[‘a’]); $wheretmp=”WHERE”;} else {$search_album = ”;}

    // sort by picture ratings “pic_rating”

    if($_REQUEST[‘s’]==’rating’){$sorting = “pic_rating DESC, votes DESC”;}

    elseif($_REQUEST[‘s’]==’title’){$sorting = “title ASC”;}

    elseif($_REQUEST[‘s’]==’hits’){$sorting = “hits DESC”;}

    elseif($_REQUEST[‘s’]==’rand’){$sorting = “rand()”;}

    else {$sorting = “pid DESC”;}

    $result = mysql_query(“SELECT pid,ctime,title,keywords,filepath,filename,caption,filesize, pwidth,pheight FROM {$CONFIG[‘TABLE_PICTURES’]} $wheretmp $search_keyword $search_album ORDER BY $sorting LIMIT $upperlimit”);

    Cheers !

    my PHP skills are rusty :-) so use this at your own risk,
    hopefully author of the RSS/ATOM script can release an update and place the hack in there.

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