Import post & comments to WordPress

Moving from post to WordPress is rather painless for me, thanks to the import-blogger script that comes with WordPress package. However, the default script does not import the previous Blogger comments, which is rather dissapointing for some who will miss the valueable comments.

However, i found out that this script will help you to export all blogger posts and comments to WordPress with relative ease. You just need to select “Save As” to save the file import_blogger.txt to import_blogger.php and overwrite the original import-blogger.php script. What you need to do next is point your browser to, and follow the rest of the instructions there, you’ll be having your old posts and comments on your WordPress account in no time!

I’ve tried the scripts and i’m very satisfied with the results! Good luck in migrating!

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  1. It’s a peice of cake really. I think we’re moving that script into version 1.6 later on because it imports the comments as well.

    The only downside is that Blogger can be temperamental in which blogs it publishes which sucks.

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