DIY Linux Embedded Devices

TV Set-Top mp3 players

Embedded devices have become a hot topic these days. Day after day we have been surrounded with these devices whether we have notices it or not. For example, how many are you got PS2 or an Xbox in your home? how many of you own Nokia phones with Symbian OS running inside it? or a Motorola phone running Linux as it’s OS?

As the technology advances, more and more of these devices have become accessible in our daily life. And now, with the availability of open source tools and application (as well as the kernel) you can also create your own embedded devices on your own, providing you have the guts and strong interest to do it!

DIY TV Set Top Mp3 Player

You can create Linux-based embeded devices to do anything that you wished for, for example as a tv set-top mp3 player, a game console, internet station, webcam recorder, cctv controller, streaming server etc.

a bike which runs Unix!

Dont throw your old Pentium pc away, turn it into something useful! With Linux you can make many things possible. For example, with a single Pentium P133 pc, you can turn it into an mp3 streaming server, a firewall box, internet router, etc.

There are a lot of website now around the internet that features the usefulness of the Linux and Open source technology in building and embedded system.

Resources :
1. A motocycle which runs FreeBSD
2. Linux Toys website, a good place to start
3. Creating IPCOP firewall/Gateway
4. The Clock Project
5. Embedded Devices which runs Linux
6. Lots of Mini-itx projects
7. Linux-based Webserver and MP3 player on floppy