Catch me at MSCOSConf 2009 – a talk about mobile application development

Hey guys, a quick update, I’m going to give a talk on MSC Malaysia OSConf 2009. For your information.

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference is an international forum for sharing and exchanging ideas and thoughts on the advancements, business opportunities and the development of open source application development. The conference is organized into 3 tracks (Business, Developers and Community) which feature speakers from their respective fields.

Among the prominent speakers will be featured on MSC OSConf :

  • Chris DiBona
  • Anthony Baxter
  • Wai Kit Lau
  • Dinesh Nair
  • Redhuan D. Oon
  • Gen Kanai

More importantly I will also present a paper (titled: Mobile application development using Open Source Software) at the conference, my talk is featured on day 4 in the Developers Track.

Please refer to MSCOSConf main website and the microsite for more information on how to participate in the conference.

BluePad: Controls Presentation from Your Phone

Recently I had todo a lot of presentations which made me thinking into getting presentation pen, but since my E71 includes a pre-installed Wireless Presenter (WiPresenter), I’ve buried that thought, who needs an expensive presentation pen when a phone can perform equally when?

Bluepad remote control

But as WiPresenter is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system, I’m forced to use keyboard or mouse-clicks to control my presentations when I’m using Ubuntu Linux operating system. This is a drawback as I could perform the task easily thru my phone when I’m on Windows XP.

EnterBluepad, an application which enables your mobile phone to act as a Bluetooth controller. Bluepad consists of two applications, a server and a client. The server application sits on your operating system, monitoring for incoming Bluetooth connection. The client application requires a JavaME compatible mobile phone with JSR-82 (Bluetooth) feature.

The installation is straightforward for both client and server side application, the only thing to remember is to activate bluetooth on mobile phone before starting the client application. After that, you can start OpenOffice Impress and use the the phone to remotely control the presentation.

New GNOME Weather Applet does not have Alor Setar option!

I’m frustrated with the new GNOME Weather applet included with Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. For some reason, my hometown is not included in the list.

Weather Applet

I wonder why, as my hometown is present in all previous releases of the Weather Applet. Seems now I can’t monitor the weather condition of my hometown (Alor Setar) anymore from my desktop :(

This bugs me as I use it occasionally to monitor weather conditions and to make decision on my ham radio activities.

Is your hometown / place listed on the Weather Applet?

Mitter: My favorite Ubuntu Linux Twitter client

Since I’ve been into twitter recently, I’m was looking for a twitter client that is suitable for my operating system. Thank god that search ended when I found mitter.

Among mitter features are :

  • clean interface: simple and easy to use
  • supports docking on systray
  • nicely integrated with GNOME desktop
  • has console client

Bonus for Ubuntu users : mitter is also available from one-click-install portal

What are you waiting for? catch me on twitter (id: mypapit)

How to install *.rpm in Ubuntu / Debian based operating system

There are times when you need to install an application that is only available in *.rpm package in Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu operating system. One of the main obstacles is that Debian / Ubuntu are using *.deb based packaging system which is incompatible with RPM.

However you can easily convert RPM package to *.deb and install it afterwards, here’s how to do it :

  • Install alien, its available in Debian, Ubuntu repository
  • Convert rpm package using command “sudo alien -k some-binary-package.rpm”
  • Install it using this command “sudo dpkg -i some-binary-package.deb

That’s all about it! Have fun installing application in your application.

Subscribed to Linux Hater’s Blog : Funny and hillarious blog

After discovering Linux Hater’s blog from Google Reader and Technorati, I decided to subscribe it as it was a funny and hillarious blog. It make fun of people who are using Linux for the wrong reasons (such as trying to act cool) and how some things in Linux are not better than any other operating system.

Linux Tux Logo

Other than that, it contains criticism of the Linux community in general, mainly directed towards fanboys and developers, although one can easily surmise that the author himself is a Linux user who has experience in writing applications, and presumably using a Debian-derived Linux distro.

Well I might be wrong, but Linux Haters Blog is a must read if you are a Linux user yourself because it offer insights of the overall of how GNU/Linux operating system compare to other OS and what would make Linux a better OS