DateDiff – A simple JavaME mobile app to calculate the day differences between two dates

There are times where I am required to calculate the day/month/year differences between two dates, which I found a little bit troublesome to do repeatedly even if it is just a simple estimate. So in turn, I created this mobile app to do the job, which greatly increase my productivity! Here i’m releasing the source code to DateDiff, which is coded and compatible with all JavaME phone:

DateDiff mypapit

DateDiff.jar – binary (MIDP 2.0) (source code)

DateDiff is copyrighted by me, and is licensed under a BSD-like license, you can read the terms of use from the ‘About’ menu or from the source code.

Mozilla Fennec 1.9.2 builds for Android

Mozilla Fennec, a Gecko-based mobile browser from Mozilla is now available for Android, where you can download the latest build from the trunk from : Mozilla-Central trunk Android/.

Be careful as the code can be considered still in the alpha-stage, where memory leaks are bound to happen alongside with occasional buggy browsing experience.

It requires Android 2.0 and was only tested on Motorola Droid and Nexus One. The application must also be installed on the device’s internal memory (not on SD card).

Catch me at MSCOSConf 2009 – a talk about mobile application development

Hey guys, a quick update, I’m going to give a talk on MSC Malaysia OSConf 2009. For your information.

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference is an international forum for sharing and exchanging ideas and thoughts on the advancements, business opportunities and the development of open source application development. The conference is organized into 3 tracks (Business, Developers and Community) which feature speakers from their respective fields.

Among the prominent speakers will be featured on MSC OSConf :

  • Chris DiBona
  • Anthony Baxter
  • Wai Kit Lau
  • Dinesh Nair
  • Redhuan D. Oon
  • Gen Kanai

More importantly I will also present a paper (titled: Mobile application development using Open Source Software) at the conference, my talk is featured on day 4 in the Developers Track.

Please refer to MSCOSConf main website and the microsite for more information on how to participate in the conference.

How to save laptop battery when using Ubuntu Linux

When you are working outside with your laptop, the most important thing that you might consider is to maximize your battery lifetime. This is true especially when you are working on location where AC power is not readily available.

Laptop mypapit

Typical laptop might last from 1.5 hour to 3 hours of normal use. So you might want to squeeze out all the battery juice and put it to good use.

Here are a few tips that I got from surfing the internet to save battery life when you are using Ubuntu (or GNU Linux OS in general) :

Ubuntu Mobile is going to be announced in June !

Good news everyone, Canonical is going to announce the latest edition of Ubuntu line up, Ubuntu Mobile next month. Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition which runs on a new type of mobile computers called Mobile Internet Devices.

Some features of Ubuntu Mobile device are :

  • GPS
  • Digital TV
  • Emails, Instant Messaging, Web Browsing
  • Multimedia Player
  • VoIP applications
  • Integration with various social webapps (MySpace, Youtube, Facebook)
ubuntu logo

However it is stll remain to be seen whether Ubuntu Mobile going to released with its own SDK. I’ll be really excited if they release Ubuntu Mobile in my place.

Source : Underexposed – CNET

The friendly Old Battery Warning in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is friendly enough to provide a nice and friendly warning to me about the status of the laptop battery that I currently use. With Microsoft Windows (at least Windows XP), the laptop simply dies when the battery looses its juice.

old and broken battery warning

Its nice to have this sort of reminder when you really need to change the battery.