Should Ubuntu prevent “sudo rm -rf /” command ?

There have been talks over the ubuntuforums, regarding a user posts “sudo rm -rf /” command on “Absolute Beginner Talk” board, which results in deletion of the whole root directory of a Linux operating system (Ubuntu included).

Was the user out of his line when he’s posted such command on a beginners forum? Absolutely.

Exercise Caution When Running sudo
Users should exercise caution when running command with root privilege (sudo) . I pity to those who unknowingly execute the command and completely destroy their operating system. Its a truly lame attempt to humor oneself at the expense of others losing their precious data.

It is not a bug in coreutils, it is not a bug at all
But the lamest part is, somebody took the time to file a bug report regarding “sudo rm -rf /” on Launchpad.

There’s nothing wrong with that command, it did what it supposed to do, and that is the behavior expected from a Unix/Linux based system, there’s nothing wrong with that command at all.

Besides, if somebody compromised your system and got into your root accout, you are screwed anyway as there are a lot of other command which has the same (if not worse) devastating effect as “sudo rm -rf”, a fact that has been acknowledge on the same bug report

What do you think ?
I don’t know about you, but I felt more comfortable educating newbie users to be more careful when running command with root privilege than supporting an act which seems to ‘cripple’ the operating system itself. Trust me, this is not going to help newbie users.

p/s: I’m in complete agreement with this guy, this is not a bug, stop pampering newbies or else you’d ruin each and every of them!

Ubuntu Alternative : Get Linux Mint

Linux Mint – a yet another Linux distro based on Ubuntu has made a fourth release last month, Daryna.

Originally started as no more than Ubuntu-distro preinstalled with proprietary multimedia codecs, Linux Mint now focussed on providing user-friendly Linux distribution complete with customizable desktop which achieved through its unique configuration tools.


The latest release Daryna, is based on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, and compatible with Gutsy repositories, meaning that you can receive (security) updates release from Ubuntu team for your installation.

Another Linux Mint area of focus is making everything works out from the box including Wifi and various multimedia file format which uses proprietary codecs.

Currently Linux Mint Daryna is available on 3 different download version :- Main, Light and KDE Community Edition. Linux Mint is only currently available for 32bit PC platform only.

Contribute to Ubuntu by becoming MOTU!

Ubuntu MOTU (Masters Of the Universe) is a continous effort to contribute by adding, maintaining and supporting software packages in Ubuntu Universe repository.

Generally to become a MOTU, you would have to work with software developers helping them in making their software available in Ubuntu Universe repository, knowledge of how to build *.deb packages is required at this stage.

One can apply to become a MOTU once he/she has made a significant amount of contribution to distro and forwarded his/her application to the MOTU council.

Advantages of Becoming a MOTU
MOTU has the advantage of joining the Ubuntu core developers group, which in turn can play a leading role in introducing and developing new features for Ubuntu operating system.

Interested in becoming a MOTU? Join the MOTU class in #ubuntu-classroom in The Packaging 101 classroom would be held on 13 December 16.00 – 17.30 (UTC time).

Reference: Ubuntu MOTU website

Download Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon DVD Repository

It is a well known fact that Ubuntu Linux distribution has a comprehensive application collection from its repositories which can be installed at anytime provided the users have a relatively fast internet connection.

However there are still places in the world which do not have access to such connection which may prevent users from installing new applications on their Ubuntu operating system. Luckily somebody took the time to put Ubuntu Gutsy software repository into a collection of DVDs which may be handy if you are going to introduce Ubuntu to your friends which does not have an internet connection at his home.

The repository DVDs are available for i386 and 64bit platform and are divided to 5 DVDs. The DVD images (size up to 4.0GB) are downloadable for free from

Please refer to the Jigdo tutorial from Debian website on how to download the DVD using Jigdo.

Instructions on how to add the DVD repository to your Ubuntu operating system is detailed here : Add CD/DVD apt Repository.

An Indonesian version of the instruction is also available from :