Enabled WP-SuperCache for my blog

I’ve decided to install and enable WP-SuperCache plugin for my blog. This does not mean that I’ve been receiving thousands of site hit everyday, but as a precaution because I’ve noticed spikes of traffic on the server log that might effect the overall performance of the web server.

Since most pro-blogger suggested WP-Supercache, I might as well take their advice and install it. Hopefully this would improve the server load during the spike (which I suspect contributed by ill-behave webbots/crawler) as well as loading time for my blog.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed

Mitter: My favorite Ubuntu Linux Twitter client

Since I’ve been into twitter recently, I’m was looking for a twitter client that is suitable for my operating system. Thank god that search ended when I found mitter.

Among mitter features are :

  • clean interface: simple and easy to use
  • supports docking on systray
  • nicely integrated with GNOME desktop
  • has console client

Bonus for Ubuntu users : mitter is also available from GetDeb.net one-click-install portal

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mypapit gnu/linux blog is now 3 years old!

It has been 3 years since I first started this blog, a cause that worthy of celebration. It was a long way to go when I first stated this blog in mid-April 2005, i never thought it would last this long, since I’m not much of a writer. Looking back, I still wish I had written a lot more useful articles on this website for my readers’ benefit.

birthday cake

For my readers, it is my hope that you will continue reading my humble posts for years to come. Thank you for your support