j2meshitheap.com – a list of the world’s worst J2ME-enabled phones

JavaME (formerly J2ME) software fans? Then please avoid any of these J2ME-enabled phones because one or more of their implementations are either broken, incorrect or plainly doesn’t work.

I personally tested 3650/3660 J2ME implementation first hand by running some of my midlets. In my oppinion i think Nokia 3650/3660 has the worst j2me implementation that I’ve encountered because some of the *Listener object failed to respond correctly, plus the networking part of the midlet almost always failed.

I would also want to add Nokia 6600 to the list because of various bugs in its implementation, though not as annoying as 3650/3660, it is still noticeable.

so please visit http://www.j2meshitheap.com for more complete listing