Spammers got creative with names

I’ve opened my e-mail today, just to be greeted by somebody named Mr. Sulu, or to be exact, Dr Borneo Sulu (check out the name). Plus, this particular Mr Sulu is not a navigator in the starship Enterprise, but instead an auditor from Ministry of Finance from Malaysia(!).

here’s the excerpt of the email

I am Dr.Borneo Sulu an auditor with the Contract Evaluation Unit,Ministry Of Finance .Last year November one Mr.Raheem Praveen from India executed contract through
the Ministry of Aviation here in Malaysia, the contract is worth [$8,250,000.00]

Ministry of Aviation? hmm.. I’d say,
Take us outta here Mr Sulu, ahead warp factor 9

Sulu in USS Enterprise

p/s: Spammers are everywhere, they tried every creative way to create and backed their story up. I wonder if any of malaysian fall for them?

BitlBee – turn your IRC client into multiprotocol Instant Messenger client

biltbee logo at

Check out BitlBee, IRC gateway that can turn your irc client into a multi-protocol Instant Messenger client!

The main motivation behind BiltBee is to enable console users to use a multi-protocol Instant Messenger client. Since irc clients is common in console environments, so BiltBee is implemented as a gateway server, so that a user can connect to their favorite IM networks as if connecting through an irc server.

BiltBee server is available under GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows platform. It supports MSN, ICQ, Jabber, AIM, and Yahoo! IM networks.

You can connect to public Bitbee server through CGI interface at if you don’t want to install BitlBee in your computer.

BitlBee Screenshot :

Oh, BitlBee is licensed in GNU General Public License.

  1. BitlBee website
  2. BitlBee public server

Finding your stuff with Google Blog Search

I’ve just noticed that now you can search blogs using google at Having this kind of search engine means that you can search blogs for specific terms with ease.

Still in Beta, the Google Blog Search isn’t only limited to users, but it also covers other blogs too. Utilizing the Google Search, the site is certainly useful if you want to know about particular thing that people have blogged about.

But since is owned by Google itself, seems that the company has given extra attention to blogs based on Well, seems pretty logical for me…

Refer here for more information about Google Blog Search.

Google Talk available on Mobile Phone!

A mobile messaging and solution company MessageVine, have released industry-first Mobile IM solution for Google Talk(R), the brand new IM and voice-communication service by Google.

MessageVine’s Mobile IM solution also offers connectivity to other public IM networks such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and ICQ. MessageVine’s solution for Google Talk is available on a wide range of mobile platforms such as BlackBerry(TM), Palm OS, Symbian OS(TM), Windows Mobile, J2ME and BREW and offers advanced features such as integration with Gmail.

Unfortunately, MessageVine licenses its technology to carriers and companies. So, at least for now, it’s not available for an individual to download and license

But given the nature of Google-Talk Jabber protocol, it seems Google-talk might as well can be accessed via mobile phone using any qualified Jabber client which supports XMPP.

StudioTraffic downfall?

I’ve stumbled upon my long-time irc contact today, whose also a StudioTraffic user. Suprisingly, he’s complaining in his blog about StudioTraffic poor quality of service and low-response time lately.

He also states in his blog that, if this trend continues, StudioTraffic might just be another Ponzie, and announce that he’s going to withdraw from the scheme, quite unbelievable!! I’m talking about a guy who advocates ST for so long and have almost a hundred of referral membership under him!!! Well, something really Bad ™ must have happened…

What about you? Do you have any positive opinion about StudioTraffic lately?

p/s: StudioTraffic is a surf-for-money program which requires you to leave your browser windows open while surfing the internet. You commision will be paid according to your money invested in the program.

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