Microsoft release specs for Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE)

Microsoft has released Simple Sharing Extensions, a new extension to RSS which helps users to syncronise each others extension. Microsoft has release SSE specs under the Creative Commons License (Attribution-ShareAlike) 2.5 .

Microsoft claimed that it has modelled the SSE based on the structure of Lotus Notes, which denotes that Lotus Notes “notefile” is analogous to RSS ‘feeds;’ and Lotus Notes ‘notes’ could be analogous to RSS ‘items’.

Hope that this extension would extend the usefulness of RSS feeds just like other extensions like Yahoo mRSS and dublin core module do. I would also love that people would use the ATOM 1.0, functionality in much of their daily work, as I read the specs that there’s much potential to be exploited in the syndication format.

Microsoft RSS SSE extension spec :

Free WordPress blog hosting

I’ve compiled a list of websites that offers free wordpress blog hosting, listed in no particular order :

  3. (no ads)
  6. (for NSFW)

Note that most of these free blog hosting services offer WordPress-mu version, which uses a different template engine than the mainstream WordPress. Other features and plugins are compatible with the normal WordPress however.

p/s : Please add other WordPress hosting service to the list as I might miss out on something.

RSS2PDF – Free Online RSS and Atom to PDF Generator

I’ve discovered this website while on the internet, Like the title said, this website can turn any of your syndication feeds into pretty PDF documents. RSS2PDF also supports news feed auto-discovery making your life a little bit easier.

What can you do with RSS2PDF? Well for starters, the website itself has given some ideas to visitors on how to utilise them, such as creating comic PDF from any feed at Tapestry Comics, turn google news into pdf articles, and publish your blog feed into paper-based bulletin and transform your flickr photos in PDF style album. The choices are just limitless

Comparing Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0

Came across this article which discusses about Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 features. I’m interested in this article because I also in the process of implementing/writing RSS/Atom feed plugin myself.

The document itself seems to bias on Atom 1.0 feed, and contain one factual error in which it states that Blogger publishing protocol is widely use with RSS, which is wrong. Blogger use Atom api as its publishing protocol.

Other than that, this document is great is you want to glance through the differences between RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 which is (becoming) an IETF standards-track RFC.

Read the article : RSS 2.0 and Atom1.0, Compared

Worth reading :
RSS 2.0 Specification
Atom 1.0 Syndication Format
What is RSS
Atom Wiki Page

Linuxtracker – GNU/Linux torrent tracker site

Hey, i found a GNU/Linux distro bittorent tracker site at You can find a lot of GNU/Linux distro here from the most familiar (Debian, Fedora, SUSE and Slackware) to seldom heard distro (astaro, auditor, b2d, berrylinux, etc). There’s a lot of distro to choose from! The list is not only limited to GNU/Linux distro, *BSD distro flavour derived operating systems are also listed here (FreeBSD, opensolaris, netbsd, OpenBSD, etc), making choices more diversified.

On the negative side, distros (torrents) offered here seems to lack seeders, with the exception of popular distros (Ubuntu, Fedora, Knoppix, etc), you will be considered lucky if you can get a torrent with more than 10 seeders for some seldom heard distro.

Finally, this site can be useful for you if you want to try out exotic distro or to find how diversified GNU/Linux distributions are.

AdBrite added Intermission option

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AdBrite offers a new type of advertisement, instead of offering 1,7 and 30-day text-links, advertisers now can choose the “Intermission” option. This options allows you to pay only when someone visits your site. Think it as a “Sponsored Links” but you are only promoting your website (without products and services).

With this option, you will not write or upload an ad. Instead, visitors will automatically be taken to your site. Starting bid for Intermission is $0.01, but it depends on bids made by other advertisers.

IMHO, it’s great for AdBrite to add options for those who only want to place their links on another website. At least it could add diversity to text-links advertisements.