Spammers got creative with names

I’ve opened my e-mail today, just to be greeted by somebody named Mr. Sulu, or to be exact, Dr Borneo Sulu (check out the name). Plus, this particular Mr Sulu is not a navigator in the starship Enterprise, but instead an auditor from Ministry of Finance from Malaysia(!).

here’s the excerpt of the email

I am Dr.Borneo Sulu an auditor with the Contract Evaluation Unit,Ministry Of Finance .Last year November one Mr.Raheem Praveen from India executed contract through
the Ministry of Aviation here in Malaysia, the contract is worth [$8,250,000.00]

Ministry of Aviation? hmm.. I’d say,
Take us outta here Mr Sulu, ahead warp factor 9

Sulu in USS Enterprise

p/s: Spammers are everywhere, they tried every creative way to create and backed their story up. I wonder if any of malaysian fall for them?

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