Debian Developers criticised Firefox Policy

Mozilla Firefox browser which is developed by Mozilla Foundation faced criticism by Debian Developers because of its official trademark policy is seen by them as excessively prohibitive.
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This have still being debated in the Debian Community.

Most of the concerns came around whether Mozilla’s trademark policy allows them to modify the software for updates and security patches, and still distribute it using its original name. There are a lot of other projects too that recompile Mozilla Foundation source code and make additional changes and still release the resulting binary with Mozilla’s trademark.

Although Mozilla Foundation however, have given Debian explicit permission to use the Firefox logo and brand name, the issue still rise because it contradict with the clause of the social contract which stipulates software licenses must not be specific to Debian.

Mozilla previously have several problems with trademark issues regarding it’s Firefox browser which was change from Phoenix to Firebird and finally to Firefox.

GeeXboX – Embedded Linux Media Player

Today I want to discuss about GeeXBoX, a linux distribution geared up to be a stand alone Media Player. GeeXBoX is a free linux distribution which aims to bring digital home entertainment with Linux to the next level. With GeeXBoX, you can happily play DVD, VCD, streaming video, MPEG-4 videos, picture slideshows, listen to MP3/Ogg music and many more without the need of hard disk.

GeeXBooX boot Screenshot

Built with embedded system architecture in mind, the GeeXBoX can run on even a lower end machine with a minimum requirements of Pentium-II/Celeron class PC (333MHz) and at least 64MB RAM, no harddisk or network connection required!

GeeXBooX Menu Screenshot

As a bonus, GeeXBoX also supports remote control via LIRC-backend interface, now you can control your media box just like you are controlling your own tv set-tops!

In-play Menu

You can download GeeXBoX ISO from the GeeXBoX Project Website and burn it right into your CD to test it. You might be wondering how large is the ISO will be with those functionality and cute graphics? 400MB? 250MB? 50MB? No, no and no… GeeXBoX is only 6MB in size! Couldn’t believe it? Why dont you download and try GeeXBoX now, you won’t regret it…

References :
GeeXBoX Website

Yahoo Avatar now supports Mozilla Firefox !

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Great news everybody, Yahoo Avatar now supports Mozilla Firefox!
Now you can customize your Yahoo Avatar comfortably within your own favorite browser without the need to fire up Internet Explorer.

This marks significant progress with spread firefox program, with Yahoo Avatar now fully supports Mozilla Firefox. Users are now less dependent to malware-prone Internet Explorer and adopts to a newer,faster and safer open source solutions such as Mozilla Firefox.

Hope that Yahoo will stay on this track and enhance their Yahoo Messenger version for Free and open-source version of Unix-based system such as GNU/Linux and *BSD. Or better yet, publicize their Yahoo Messenger protocol so it could be much more better supported on those platform

References :
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3. Yahoo! Avatars website

FourCC Changer (divx) avi under Linux !

Hello everybody…

I’ve created an AviC clone under GNU/Linux ! Lames isn’t it?

For those who don’t know, AviC is a cute little tiny tool for changing FourCC under windows. And have been popular among MPEG4 users throughout the world.

gfourcc screenshot

AviC have been widely use by people who want to view their XviD encoded file in DivX MPEG4 player (the hardware players). Some people use AviC to identify the codec used to encoded their *.avi files.

However, one day i noticed that there’s no equaivalent of AviC tool in the Linux world. I’ve searched the internet for answers, but it got me into DivX Forum, where a user is asking for Linux-equaivalent of AviC.

Not satisfied with the answers that i get, i’ve started a stupid project to make my own AviC clone for Linux, and here it is! My goal for this project is only to make a tool that closely resemble AviC in its appearance as well as its functionality.

As an improvement, I also include some check-up to make sure that the user is selecting the right file before changing it’s FourCC !! I also created gfourcc command-line counterpart “cfourcc”, for the users to choose from. Both gfourcc and cfourcc can be downloaded from their respective project site :

Lastly, for those who read up until here and still dont have a clue about what am I talking about please read the references links below. Bye for now! :)

Refereces :
1. gfourcc project website
2. Fourcc Information
3. Description of how Fourcc works
4. watson387 Linux FourCC problem
5. AviC FourCC Changer
6. MPEG-4 Compression
7. XviD MPEG-4 Codec
8. DivX MPEG-4 Cocec

Moon Phase on your hand phone

Hari ini aku nak discuss pasal application yang aku buat untuk hand phone dgn Palm, application nie boleh display Fasa Bulan dengan tarikh Hijrah. Aku berjaya portkan program Traymoon aku dari system tray Windows application kepada handphone dengan Palm.

Fasa Bulan in Phone Emulator

So sekarang nie korang semua boleh semak fasa bulan dengan tarikh hijrah straight dari henset ataupun PDA korang. :)

Actually aku dah berjaya buat ni sejak 2-3 bulan lepas, tapi memandangkan masa tu aku takder port untuk buat presentation + promosi, so benda ni aku KIV-kan dulu sampai la hari nie.

Handphone application nie actually boleh run dalam mana-mana handphone yang mempunyai Java support. Application nie boleh gak run kat PalmOS (version 3.x keatas) asalkan user palm tu install extension Midp2Palm. Antara hand phone yang di uji dengan menggunakan application nie adalah Nokia 3100, 6230, 6260, 3650, Siemen S55, M46.

Fasa Bulan in Nokia 6230 Emulator

Terdapat bug dlm Symbian OS Nokia Series 6.x (3650) yang menyebabkan application nie kekadang hang. Bagi user yang menggunakan Nokia Symbian OS tersebut, anda digalakkan mendownload applikasi (reduced version) yang tidak memasukkan beberapa ciri-ciri user-friendly (ItemStateListener). Ini merupakan bug implementasi Symbian OS Nokia Series 6.x bukan bug Fasa Bulan.

Fasa Bulan in PalmOS Emulator

Aplikasi Fasa Bulan untuk handphone ini masih lagi dalam peringkat awalan, dan ini merupakan versi pre-release untuk kegunaan umum buat sementara waktu. Segala komen and pendapat anda adalah sangat dihargai untuk memajukan/memantapkan aplikasi ini. Aplikasi ini akan direleasekan mengikut terma dan syarat GNU General Public License versi 2.0 sekiranya ia stabil dan siap sepenuhnya. Bahasa pengaturcaraan Java telah digunakan untuk membangunkan aplikasi ini beserta J2ME toolkit.

Anda juga boleh meng-install aplikasi ini terus ke handphone anda menerusi kemudahan GPRS, anda hanya perlu pointkan browser anda kepada url ini

Download Fasa Bulan Midlet at :
1. Fasa Bulan Alpha | jar
2. Fasa Bulan for buggy phone, Symbian Series 60 | jar
3. Fasa Bulan for Palm OS

Additional Information :
1. Java 2 Micro Edition Website
2. MIDlet for Palm

Fasa bulan dan tarikh hijrah di desktop anda ! ~


Hari ini aku nak presentkan salah satu produk aku yang agak lama di publishkan sebagai salah satu software open source di bawah lesen GNU General Public License.

Traymoon adalah aplikasi System-Tray yang memaparkan fasa bulan dan tarikh dalam bulan hijrah.

Screenshot Traymoon 0.1.0

Rekabentuk traymoon yang mudah dan ringkas membolehkan ia diletakkan di system tray dengan membolehkan pengguna melihat peredaran fasa bulan serta tarikh hijrah di desktop hanya dengan meletakkan mouse-pointer di atas ikon traymoon.

System tray, Traymoon 0.1.0

Traymoon dibina menggunakan bahasa pengaturcaraan C bersama win32 api, dan dikompil oleh Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 (tanpa memerlukan msvcrt7x.dll).

Saiz yang compact dan tidak memerlukan penggunaan *.dll tambahan (spt .NET runtime, Java runtime dan VB) membuatkan traymoon tidak memerlukan ruang ingatan yang besar dan boleh di larikan di mana-mana spec komputer tanpa sebarang masalah keupayaan (Low-CPU Utilization)

Lawatilah halaman Projek Traymoon untuk versi terkini Traymoon.

Links :
Download Traymoon 0.1.0
Project Page Traymoon