Firefox 1.1 is scraped in favour of Firefox 1.5

News from revealed that the Mozilla Development team is going to scrap out Mozilla Firefox 1.1 release in August in favor of Mozilla Firefox 1.5.

The new Mozilla Firefox will feature new Gecko engine, ongoing HIG compliance, sw/update and extension manager improvements.

Quote from the site :

We are planning for a Firefox 2.0 and 3.0, but will divide the planned work over (at this point) three major Milestones, 1.5 (September 2005), 2.0 (unscheduled) and 3.0 (unscheduled). All major development work will be done on the Mozilla trunk, and these releases will coincide with Gecko version revs.

According to the roadmap, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (Deer Park) is scheduled to be released on September 2005

Open Source Windows and Linux Games

Have you ever felt the urge to kill off your time while you are working? A sense to release your tension from boring repetitive work at the office (or at home)?

Of all those burden and urge, you might have downloaded games from the internet and scored a few good round out of it, only to find out finally that you cant write your name on the high score list because you need to register first.

How many times you came across games you downloaded from the internet which impose delayed “unregistered” splash screen, denied you from high score list or even stopped working after a few days of installing?

The game locked you out from your own windows system, and some even installs malicious adware or malware that contaminate your windows!

Well not anymore if you choose the way of the Free (as in freedom and beer) path.

New Breed Software Inc.
Enter New Breed Software, a software company that embrace Free and Open Source ideology. The company was established in 1993, and it have been releasing numerous number of open source desktop games for various operating system including Windows, Linux and Atari.

Circus Linux

Their selection of games is quite good and moreover is Free! The games are not only nice and small, but they also come with complete source code and covered under the GNU General Public License.

Mad Bomber, New Breed Software

Another place to seek FOSS games is at the LGames project hosted at Most of the game listed here are rather clone of popular arcade games, excepts they comes with source codes and installer.



The website also features few javascripts and online games such as OCC, LBill, LCarrot, LMemory, etc for those who rather want to play the games online.

Most of the games featured on the website mentioned here are created by the portable libSDL (Simple Direct Media Library) which ease of the process of developing the games across numerous platform. The library are licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License and you can download the libSDL from it’s project website.
SDL Simple Direct Media

The libSDL website feature a directory which list games and applications developed using libSDL. You can find other games for your favorite operating system (but not neccessarily FOSS) in it’s Games Directory page.

Most of this games listed here works in Microsoft Windows environment and under GNU/Linux operating systems.

Finally, just remember although the games mentioned here does not require any payments or registration but the developers of the games mentioned here still spend a lot of efforts and time to perfect them.

Please show your appreciation when you can and donate a few bucks to them. I’m sure they will return your gesture :)

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.5 Released

Well, at last Mozilla Foundation released their Mozilla Firefox 1.0.5 browser. This minor release mostly focus in security fixes in javascript and plug a few memory leaks.

Download it at

Watch out for Mozilla Firefox 1.1 (Deer Park) soon. It will feature the cache back button as recomended by W3C Foundation!

I’m waiting for Mozilla to provide their users with incremental Firefox update as they promised… (I only upgrade Mozilla Firefox after 2-3 minor releases)

Mozilla project released Firefox 1.0.5 test build

I read about this announcement from MozillaZine. The release focuses on minor bugfix on previous Mozilla Firefox release 1.0.4.

The most notable bugfix included in this test build is the spoofable Javascript Dialog Box vulnerability that would lead attacker into tricking and trick the user into entering his/her account information inside the fake password dialog box.

Internet Explorer is also affected by this vulnerability though we havent heard about Microsoft planning to fix it.

You can download Mozilla Firefox test build here :

Debian Developers criticised Firefox Policy

Mozilla Firefox browser which is developed by Mozilla Foundation faced criticism by Debian Developers because of its official trademark policy is seen by them as excessively prohibitive.
Get Firefox!

This have still being debated in the Debian Community.

Most of the concerns came around whether Mozilla’s trademark policy allows them to modify the software for updates and security patches, and still distribute it using its original name. There are a lot of other projects too that recompile Mozilla Foundation source code and make additional changes and still release the resulting binary with Mozilla’s trademark.

Although Mozilla Foundation however, have given Debian explicit permission to use the Firefox logo and brand name, the issue still rise because it contradict with the clause of the social contract which stipulates software licenses must not be specific to Debian.

Mozilla previously have several problems with trademark issues regarding it’s Firefox browser which was change from Phoenix to Firebird and finally to Firefox.