Tips: Get Free PHP / MySQL Hosting with is offering free PHP and MySQL Hosting to those in need those who are looking to simply to test out their PHP projects to the public (hint: Great for students !)


  • Offers free PHP 7.1 hosting, with
    • cURL
    • PDO
    • bcmath
    • PDO
    • SOAP
    • GD
  • Free MySQL Database hosting (2 database)
  • Built-in WordPress application (optional)
  • Easy to use File uploader
  • 1GB Diskspace
  • 10 GB bandwidth
  • Supports Cronjob
  • Cpanel
  • phpMyAdmin

However the free hosting does come with 1 hour downtime per day as an incentive for the users to upgrade.  Nevertheless it is still useful for students and hobbyist to test their website on the internet for free!