New Features in Mypapit GNU Linux

It’s July again! Seems everywhere people are talking about iPhone and Transformers the Movie. I would have things to say about the current events too, but I better save it for my personal blog which I’ve yet to create.

Since Mypapit GNU/Linux blog has been around for more than two years, I would like to introduce some new changes to increase the quality of the blog, which are :

  1. Popular Articles of the Month – I’ll list 3 to 5 most popular articles of the month starting June 2007
  2. Mobile Phone, PDA, GPS updates will be posted on Mobile Programming Pit
  3. Personal Updates will be posted on my personal blog – to be announced later (it will be on a .my domain)

Any suggestion ?
You may forward you suggestion or article request directly to me using my contact form

I hope you would enjoy these improvements as I enjoy introducing them, cheers
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4 Replies to “New Features in Mypapit GNU Linux”

  1. Meaning mypapit was not a personal blog?

    Alamak… then I have to remove it from my blogroll, I guess.

    Just joking :)

    All the best in your projects. I’d like to see the sort of content you’d write on your personal blog.

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