My Modem gone up in smoke !

I’ve a sad news to share with everybody here, my D-Link G604T ADSL modem had gone up in smoke today. I don’t know what caused it, but I suspected long duration of use (24/7) might contribute to its demise.

Now I’m stuck with the spare Kasda ADSL modem, hard to dial out, a bit unreliable but it does its job of keeping me connected to the internet.

I think i need to save some money to buy myself a new modem after this, preferably one that can operate non-stop 24/7. I heard linksys and 3com modem are good but the latter is much harder to find at my place.

Any tips on buying a new ADSL router (preferably wifi capable) ?


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  1. ermm , have a WRT54G running 24/7 for 1 yr ++. u need modem though. yeah , aggree with azmeen, u need good air circ

  2. IMHO, D-Link, 3COM, Linksys, Aztech, whatever… performs about the same, if you’re comparing similar models.

    The thing about ADSL modems is that it needs good air circulation to have a decent lifespan. I’d recommend placing your modem in open areas. Putting it in a closed compartment will kill it faster.

  3. Go for a 3COM man. I have been using one for the past year and it hasn’t failed on me yet. It has wireless features. Comapratively it may be a little more expensive than the generic names, but hey, it’s a 3COM, the price is worh it.

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