Gaim Instant Messenger project renamed to Pidgin !

Gaim the popular multiprotocol instant messenger client has changed its name to Pidgin recently. Their main reason for changing the project name because it has been plague by legal threats from AOL concerning the name of the project.

The project has also moved to a new website to with the old gaim website served as a pointer to the new project site.

Apart from that, the project will migrate its current version control to monotone from CVS (hosted by Sourceforge). The newly rebranded Pidgin team hasn’t disclosed the reason behind the migration of revision control system or why they chosen to use monotone instead of the more popular SVN.

Here’s the latest screenshot of Pidgin IM (formerly known as Gaim) :

About Pidgin (formerly known as gaim)
For those who don’t know, Pidgin/Gaim is a multiprotocol instant messenger which support popular Instant messenger network including Yahoo, MSN Messenger, Jabber, Google talk, AIM, ICQ and IRC.

More information about Gaim rebranding can be found here : and Gaim Sourceforge website

p/s: Hopefully after this we can have the latest Pidgin 2.0 release as soon as possible since the project won’t be dragged down with the legal issues anymore.

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