WordPress 2.0.9 (bugfix) release

WordPress 2.0.9 has been release for the 2.0 branch.

Among the bugfixes introduced in this release are :

  • Fixed RSS bug when %category% used in permalinks
  • Eliminate PHP 5.2 error in cache.php
  • fixed random bug in Comment code
  • Eliminate Vulnerability in nonce AYS

Should I upgrade to WordPress 2.0.9?

You should upgrade If you are using WordPress 2.0.7 and below. There are reasons why people wouldn’t upgrade to the latest stable branch WordPress 2.1. One thing is the plugins compatibility and the other thing is the technical restriction such as the the use of older mysql databases (3.23).

Users of WordPress 2.1 need not to worry about this as you use a different branch of stable release.

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