Dreamhost – my best Linux-based web hosting provider

I’m with Dreamhost since July, 2005 hosting my other websites, and now I use Dreamhost to host this blog as well. I decided to move my blog after much consideration that I dont want to risk my blog from being accidently shut down due to ‘my experiments’ on the VPS.

I love using Dreamhost because it offers easily managed and richly-featured shared hosting compared to other competitors. I only ever had 2 downtime experience since using Dreamhost and all of them are handled professionally by Dreamhost team. To help users get updated with the service status, Dreamhost maintains an offsite Dreamhost status which is fully accessible even when there’s outage at dreamhost datacenter.

Dreamhost offers Linux web hosting service at a very affordable price versus the services it’s provides. At Level 1 plan, Dreamhost provides you with :

  • 185 GB Disk storage space
  • 1.85TB Data transfer
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited MySQL database (MySQL 5/ Innodb)
  • Ruby On Rails 1.2.1
  • Jabber IM server hosting
  • Unlimited Add on Domains
  • Custom DNS management
  • PHP4/PHP5
  • SVN and CVS hosting
  • Shell Account (SSH)

and all of these only costs you USD 119.40/year! I know that It might costly for those that only wants to try out or skeptical, but the company has a 97-day tryout policy on which you will have your money back if you’re not satisfied by their services.

Wait, how about it’s reliability ?
You can find out about Dreamhost reputation of reliability and uptime yourself by looking for independent reviews through the internet.

If you’re planning to get a better web hosting company for your website expansions, I would surely recommend you into trying out Dreamhost, because they have the longest money back guarantee too (97 days).

Important : Use these discount code to grab Dreamhost hosting for only about USD29! – “FAKAPED”, “WANGCYBER”.

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11 Replies to “Dreamhost – my best Linux-based web hosting provider”

  1. Textdrive.com is indeed geek friendly, considering it is hard to find a hosting which support postgresql.

    It even follows the web usability standards to the letter :)

  2. If you’re looking for webhost that support postgresql, take a look at textdrive. I think they have everything that geeks dream for(ssh, svn, cvs, darcs, lighttpd, python, rails, php-fastcgi-suexec, 5 website under basic plan, long running process on other port and then proxy through apache, etc). they used webmin for cp but believe me, you’ll like it.

  3. well, i don’t think it is good to use such services calles shared hosting. my main concern is that on the same server, there is a co-client that is a bad programmer and puts some scripts that eat a lot of CPU and RAM, and unoptimized SQL. it would be much better if you would go on a dedicated server of if you cannot afford it a VPS.

  4. ah, dreamhost is quite limited on Ruby On Rails though, better get a good webhosting for that at http://www.railshostinginfo.com/

    and it uses it’s own proprietary control panel (doesnt use cpanel, dreamhost), so it might take time to get used to.. it doesnt have postgresql either so kinda a major turn down for geeks out there.

    btw, for all of you out there… just dont take my word for it, because your milleage may vary.

    It’s prudent to do some research before settling down for your webhosting provider.


  5. I didn’t said that RP is not limited. That’s why i asked you about DH, because i am still searching for the perfect host.. even if i think that is a dream.
    Maybe that dream might be dreamhost.. who knows.

  6. Usually hosting companies use some small tricks to avoid servers overloading.
    Some of this tricks are: restrict number of files, files size, restrict database queries, apache modules.
    Do you have limitations like that on your site?

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