Remaster and Customize Ubuntu Linux LiveCD with Reconstructor


Reconstructor is an application that can create a customized Linux LiveCD distribution based on Ubuntu. Reconstructor allows you to do extensive customization by changing the splash screen, boot screen, sounds effect, wallpaper, softwares and various other settings.

You can easily build a personalised LiveCD by including softwares that does not normally come with Ubuntu distributions. For example, Reconstructor can give you the power of creating ‘Media-centric LiveCD’ with proprietary codecs that can play various media formats or a LiveCD that concentrates on a specific purpose or functionality like Games or Desktop Publishing, complete with topic-related applications.

You can easily create CD for presentational purposes by rebranding Ubuntu splash screen and logo to your liking. If your company involved in Open Source Business and would like to distribute your presentation material in various format (documents, video files, audio files) then It is nice to have a fully customized LiveCD handy with your company logo and theme.

Reconstructor is an open source software written in python, you can find support for Reconstructor from ##reconstructor at

You can download Reconstructor at :

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