PayPerPost – an Innovative way to blog and get paid

Finally, I’m glad that my blog was accepted in PayPerPost, a relatively new service which allows your to earn money while blogging. PayPerPost is a truly innovative way to spread buzz across the internet.

How do you earn money by blogging? Simple, all you need to do is register your website with PayPerPost and awaits them to accept you. To make sure that you can earn continuously, you must make sure that you checked categories that most suited you. Writing for the sake of getting the money alone won’t do much good to your visitors and blog.

I love PayPerPost because they give you the freedom to choose from a number of reviews/buzz (called: opportunities) to write about, this way you can handpick which opportunities that is better suited for your style and way of writing and remember theme consistency is important for your blog.

And yes, PayPerPost works both ways too, if you have a product, services or something that you want people to talk about, then you can sign in as an advertiser. You can select the amount of payment you like to pay bloggers, write in some specifications and let them talk about your products and you’ll have your ads on blogs in no time.

So go ahead and try PayPerPost now


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