Start64 – Start using 64 bit (Linux) Operating System Now

start64 is a website that advocate the use of 64bit application software in our daily computing lives. Now why do we need to run 64-bit application? Because it run natively on 64bit machine like AMD Opteron/Turion or Intel Core Duo for that matter.

The website also feature a beginners guide to 64bit computing, starting with 4bit processor that could only process data 4 bit a time, and gradually introduce us the bottleneck of 32bit computing that we are so use to have (mostly from Windows/x86 users).

Software Guide

Aside from providing informational article about 64bit machine. Start64 also functions as a place where 64bit application are showcased, complete with reviews and recommendations.

64 bit GNU Linux Distro

The website have Linux section which specificly list binary only driver update for 64 bit Linux,which mostly focusses on Nvidia and ATI Graphic cards driver.

There’s also one post that deals specificly with Mozilla plugins wrapper which makes 32bit browser plugins works under 64 bit Linux environment.


All in all, you can see Start64 as your source to help you ease up your transition from the 32 bit computing to 64 bit working environment.

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