MicroClient, Affordable Compact Embedded Linux Box

I surfed the internet and found a website which sells embedded computers for networking purpose. What caught my eyes is this box that they doubt MicroClient Jr. a compact computer with a nice casing.

By default MicroClient Jr has two COM ports, 3 USB, wifi , CF card slot, audio jacks and a Ethernet RS-232 port which can added. The unit is priced at USD120 for average order and USD90 per 1,000 unit ordered. The company producing it use Puppy Linux as demonstration of its capabilities, personally i think most of us would run Linux distros that are better tuned to handle networking environment.

Although it doesn’t sports a powerful processor (SiS550 166Mhz SoC), an embedded system like this can be useful for your experimental / hobby project which requires easily configurable embedded system.

You can view full specification of MicroClient Jr at its company website, NorhTec MicroServers (might be offline)
p/s: i don’t think this system is fast enough to play MPEG-4 based video files :p

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