Yahoo acquired, Adobe acquired Macromedia

After acquiring, Flickr and, Yahoo takes a step forward and acquired too., a popular online bookmarking service has about 300,000 registered users and 10 million shared links. Following the buy-out, will most likely be integrated with the existing Yahoo! Search, expanding its search horizon to blogs and news sites.

On the other hand this might be stale news, but I write it anyway since it’s Sunday (few visitors), Adobe has successfully acquired Macromedia Inc, making it one of the largest owner of popular software products, the Macromedia website has been updated to reflect the acquisition. The word “Macromedia” is dropped from it’s former products like Dreamweaver 8, ColdFusion MX 7, Flash Media Server 2, Fireworks 8, etc, making the word “Macromedia” merely a history.

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