Hacked RSS 2.0 for Coppermine 1.3.x plugin

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I’ve got over my boredom by coding a simple RSS 2.0 plugin for Coppermine 1.3.x.

This plugin simply publish your latest photo(s) via RSS 2.0 feed through the url http://yourgallery.com/rss20.php. It is easy to install and only contains one file! Just upload the rss20.php to the root directory of your Coppermine installation, and off it goes!

I’ve decided to release the plugin to public under the GNU General Public License 2.0. Please mail me any suggestions or feedback!

Download links :

  1. tar.gz package
  2. zip package

8 Replies to “Hacked RSS 2.0 for Coppermine 1.3.x plugin”

  1. hi again

    are there a problem into the ?
    is only there my problem

    how i can change the path goes to description, for example…for only Thumbs?

    all the best from Galicia

  2. Hi

    i change the encoding, cause is in lang spanish,
    but tell me error

    here: [url]http://www.fotosdesarria.com/rss20.php[/url]


    pd: if i change the 1st description?

  3. yes, I’m planning to add more option. Such as the latest pics from a particular category or albums, etc. But I cant promise a concrete release date.

  4. Hi,

    Nice RSS reader !
    I’ve made a small change for myself. Instead of using the latest 6, I now select a random set.

    Maybe an idea for a config option?

    Thanks again!

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