Low Bandwidth Video Streaming with HasciiCam

Remember my previous post about the matrix ascii movie on the web?

HasciiCam feed

Now with HasciiCam, you can even stream your live video on the web using only ascii! This does not only provide extreme coolness on your website, but the streaming itself consume only little bandwidth, thus saving time and effort to view them on the web instead of conventional method.

HasciiCam itself uses AA-lib engine to convert the video frame into their respective ascii representation before displaying them on the web using the html refresh method, no javascript or dhtml are involved! Thus maximizing the browser type that your web streaming can support.

And for those who are wondering, HasciiCam is a Free Software under GNU/GPL License and supports GNU/Linux operating system, but it is not supported under Microsoft Windows platform, though (sorry). But as the case of the flexible GNU/GPL License, you can always write your own HasciisCam clone for Microsoft Windows using by porting its concept and source code, as long you as you accepts the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The requirements for running HasciiCam are :
1) GNU/Linux operating system
2) AA-lib library
3) Webcam or videocard supported by video4linux
4) a webserver

For those who are impatient and want to get started with the video streaming right away, you can download dyne:bolic LiveCD GNU/Linux distribution, which does not require installation and saves you the hassle of setting up your HasciiCam.

Happy streaming!

References :
1. HasciiCam Project
2. dyne:bolic GNU/Linux
3. AA-lib project
4. Webcam supported by video4linux (partial-list)

p/s : for more information about webcam/videocard supported by video4inux, please check your vendors website or google it!

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