Get Cool Powered By Ubuntu Stickers Locally in Malaysia !

Great news to all Ubuntu users out there! Fahmi from MelayuBuntu has made available these cool stickers for you to brag to your friends!


Ubuntu Stickers

The best thing about these stickers is that they are available locally, and thus much more cheaper and is faster to obtain.

Interested? You can forward your order to :

Name : Mohd Fahmi
Maybank : 164799012134
CIMB : 14081271592525
E-mel : editor[a]

The price for the stickers as follows :

  • 1 set (4 pieces) – RM 2.50
  • 3 set (12 pieces) – RM 4.50
  • 5 set (20 pieces) – RM 6.80
  • Delivery : FREE!

Don’t forget to fill in the Order Form after you’ve made payment.

The first batch of these stickers has been shipped out! Order now!

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Get cool “Powered by Ubuntu” sticker locally in Malaysia

Are you one of Ubuntu users? Then you can proudly display it with one of the “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers stamped on your computers. The only problem was, it used to be difficult to get one of those stickers as they were not offered in Malaysia.

Fortunately, Kebayan IT now offers “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers with reasonable price in Malaysia. They offers RM3/piece (without shipping) for the stickers, with each piece contains 9 “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers in various color.

Now you can turn this

In to this

How cool was it? Please visit Kebayan IT Ubuntu Stickers website for more information.

Get Free Software Stickers for your computer!

Tired of having Windows XP/Vista logo stickers on your Linux computer ? Now you can tear away those stickers and replace it with one included in the Free Software Stickers book.

Filled with hundreds of creative sticker design, the Free Software Stickers lets you announce to the world that you are using Free Software operated computer.


The book is a must-have for all Linux and Free Software geeks around the world. It has a collection of distro related stickers including Debian, SUSE, Slackware, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Fedora, kubuntu, Red Hat and various other non-Linux Free Software.

How do I get the sticker book ?

As with the spirit of Free Software, the sticker book is available for free through the internet. What you need to do is to select which sticker you want to put on your computer, and print it out using a self-adhesive photographic paper, which is easily obtainable from computer shops.


There you go, a great way to impress your friends at any Linux user group or FOSS-UG meetup!