Quick and Dirty Network File sharing with Python

Ever find yourself in need to share file over the network quickly, but find yourself lacking time to setup a proper NFS or samba share? Here’s a way to do this with the good old Python CLI.

  • First, go to the directory that you want to share, for example ~/Desktop
  • Then run this command "python -m SimpleHTTPServer"
  • You may access the folder from a remote computer using any webrowser using the url –, change the ip address accordingly
Simple HTTP Server
file sharing with python

You may find this technique offers limited options to share files, but its a real time saver!

Ubuntu Hardy Python XML error bugfix – xml.dom.ext

This was brought to my attention when I’m working on a python code to parse xml documents. I found out that in Ubuntu Hardy, the python-xml package has moved xml.dom.ext.* package to /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/oldxml thus breaking python code which depended on python-xml.

One way to work around this bug is to append :

sys.path.append('/usr/lib/python%s/site-packages/oldxml' % sys.version[:3])

just before you import stuff from xml.dom.ext.*. Hope that would help you.

gnome-osd: Handy On-Screen Display for XChat and Evolution

I just want to share with you about gnome-osd, a GNOME desktop add-on that I find handy when working on my computer’s desktop.

This add-on provide informational on-screen display when triggered by certain events such as new email, somebody mentions your nick over the irc and when the music player changes the song.

Personally, I use gnome-osd with Xchat IRC client, when I’m in a mood for online chatting with friends.

To use gnome-osd, you need to install ‘gnome-osd’ package and configure it by accessing System->OSD Notifications. You can enable certain triggers by checking the appropriate box on the dialog box as shown here :


Here’s an example of gnome-osd in action:


From the screenshot, you can see that I’ve tweak the settings a little bit to display the messages on the lower right corner of my screen. The OSD is triggered whenever anybody mentions my nick on the IRC.