Generate EAN,UPC,ISBN barcodes in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

barcode‘ is a utility in Debian GNU/Linux distribution used for generating common 1-D barcode: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC, ISBN, code93, code128 & codabar.
barcode outputs file in postscript format which can be converted to PDF with the ‘ps2pdf‘ utility


1. Outputs isbn barcode and converts it to PDF file

$  barcode -o -e isbn
$  ps2pdf

2. Outputs EAN-13 barcode

$ barcode -o -e ean

If you are looking for a tool that could generate QR Code, then you can try ‘qrencode

How to Generate Barcode in

I found this extension as I was searching for a great application to generate EAN-13 compatible barcode. This extension allows you to generate 5 different types of barcode generally found in the market, such as :

  • UPC-A (the most common barcode in the US)
  • EAN-13 (the most common barcode in Europe)
  • JAN (the barcode used in Japan, basically EAN-13 with the country code for Japan)
  • ISBN-13 (the barcode used in books after 2007, basically EAN-13 with a superscript)
  • ISBN-10 (the barcode used in books before 2007, basically EAN-13 with a different superscript)

Here’s how to install the extension :

  • First go to extensions website, then search for the barcode extension
  • Download the extension – barcode.oxt
  • Then start, go to Tools and select Extension Manager
  • When a dialog appears, click on Add, then find and select barcode.oxt, the extension will be installed on your OpenOffice.o
  • rg

  • To test the extension, start Draw, go to Insert, and selects Barcode, you can choose any of the barcode type to generate inside, type in the barcode value and it will be displayed on the page, with no extra effort!